Thursday, February 25, 2010


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sorry for the shoulder in the picture, but I was just trying to inconspicuous

Yes, this guy is so awesome. Originally I was going to take a point away from this dude for being such a lazy ass, but then again, that's why I didn't take a point away. This dude doesn't give a FUCK. Good for him.

I noticed him on the train on the Kyoto.
I think the best part of it was the girl who's trapped in the seat next to him.
She tries to get up around the dude, and had to wake his drunk ass up. Ya, the dude was drunk at like 3 pm. So good.

I also enjoy this picture on multiple levels. People always hear about the Japanese sleeping on trains but this dude takes the cake. Takes the whole cake, and takes a giant shit on it.

All the Japo's tried to ignore him as much as possible. Tried not to look at him etc, but then when that chick was yelling at him to get up, a few people peered over and laughed.

Other than that...

I have one more month till I get back.
Excited anyone?

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