Monday, February 22, 2010

Leg Update

Everyone behold the leg:

As you can see it's a nice shade of yellow accompanied by a giant purple bruise that hurts like hell. My toes and bottom of my foot are all purple. Allow me to go into further detail.

I feel I should first give praise to Seiko-Chan who is a lovely 66 year old lady who picks me up everyday with a homemade breakfast every morning at 730 am to take me to school.
Then she picks me up at 330 to take me to the hospital. She pays all my hospital bills and buys all my food. She is not paid by any company, and she's only known me for the past 5 months. She does not speak English, and I don't think she speaks Japanese either (she does speak Japo but her country accent so god damn think it sounds like shes got a mouth full of food when she speaks). I love her.

She picks me up and takes me to the hospital everyday after school for some rehabilition, or at least thats what they call it. Here's a glimpse:

I'm sorry for the quality of the picture but it was taken with my phone.

They put ice on my ankle for about 20 minutes, then hook up 6 different electrical pads to my leg and send shocks through it for about another 20 minutes.

The worst part: the doctor massages my bruises.

Hey is that some ancient Japanese secret? It must feel good.

This massage in no way feels good. In fact it hurts bad.


"Ya fucking itai!"

"Yokatta! Daijobu desu?"

"No, what the fuck!?

Anyway I'm only supposed to be on crutches for 1 or 2 more weeks. I can't wait to get this fucking thing off my leg. I gotta go see Sheryl Crow and Jackson Browne (fuck you Austin) next week in Kobe then go to Okinawa. F.

How is school going?

School is a breeze right now. There is no elevator so they've canceled all my classes on the 3rd and 4th floors. I have roughly 1 class a day. Everyone is killer nice opening doors and fetching me things around the office. Most of the Japanese just laugh at me when I tell them it was Judo, but fuck it, less work for me to do.

There was one day last week when a class and I were doing a chirades game. And one of the Japanese teachers insisted that I partake even though I'm on crutches.
"Are you fucking kidding me? No. I got one month left, give me a fucking break dude."

Is there anything else I want to say?... hmm.. I booked my flight home.. I haven't pooped since Friday... that coke in the fridge is still laughing in my face... Amit's a fag


  1. Hey it’s cool with me that you are going to see those dudes.

    I like it when chicks get all sickly ripped like that trick from LOST. And no that chick from LOST is not a good look that is not debatable.

    Jackson Browne is somehow a rich mans Kris Kristofferson but a poor mans Jimmy Buffett with better melodies and not the worst guy in the entire world.

    Is Jackson Browne your dad by the way?

    Hey I hope you get to be “somebody’s baby tonight.”

  2. Man I love that jam.
    And I will never listen to Jimmy Buffet. EVER. Shit is awful.
    Just like you son.