Thursday, February 25, 2010


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sorry for the shoulder in the picture, but I was just trying to inconspicuous

Yes, this guy is so awesome. Originally I was going to take a point away from this dude for being such a lazy ass, but then again, that's why I didn't take a point away. This dude doesn't give a FUCK. Good for him.

I noticed him on the train on the Kyoto.
I think the best part of it was the girl who's trapped in the seat next to him.
She tries to get up around the dude, and had to wake his drunk ass up. Ya, the dude was drunk at like 3 pm. So good.

I also enjoy this picture on multiple levels. People always hear about the Japanese sleeping on trains but this dude takes the cake. Takes the whole cake, and takes a giant shit on it.

All the Japo's tried to ignore him as much as possible. Tried not to look at him etc, but then when that chick was yelling at him to get up, a few people peered over and laughed.

Other than that...

I have one more month till I get back.
Excited anyone?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Leg Update

Everyone behold the leg:

As you can see it's a nice shade of yellow accompanied by a giant purple bruise that hurts like hell. My toes and bottom of my foot are all purple. Allow me to go into further detail.

I feel I should first give praise to Seiko-Chan who is a lovely 66 year old lady who picks me up everyday with a homemade breakfast every morning at 730 am to take me to school.
Then she picks me up at 330 to take me to the hospital. She pays all my hospital bills and buys all my food. She is not paid by any company, and she's only known me for the past 5 months. She does not speak English, and I don't think she speaks Japanese either (she does speak Japo but her country accent so god damn think it sounds like shes got a mouth full of food when she speaks). I love her.

She picks me up and takes me to the hospital everyday after school for some rehabilition, or at least thats what they call it. Here's a glimpse:

I'm sorry for the quality of the picture but it was taken with my phone.

They put ice on my ankle for about 20 minutes, then hook up 6 different electrical pads to my leg and send shocks through it for about another 20 minutes.

The worst part: the doctor massages my bruises.

Hey is that some ancient Japanese secret? It must feel good.

This massage in no way feels good. In fact it hurts bad.


"Ya fucking itai!"

"Yokatta! Daijobu desu?"

"No, what the fuck!?

Anyway I'm only supposed to be on crutches for 1 or 2 more weeks. I can't wait to get this fucking thing off my leg. I gotta go see Sheryl Crow and Jackson Browne (fuck you Austin) next week in Kobe then go to Okinawa. F.

How is school going?

School is a breeze right now. There is no elevator so they've canceled all my classes on the 3rd and 4th floors. I have roughly 1 class a day. Everyone is killer nice opening doors and fetching me things around the office. Most of the Japanese just laugh at me when I tell them it was Judo, but fuck it, less work for me to do.

There was one day last week when a class and I were doing a chirades game. And one of the Japanese teachers insisted that I partake even though I'm on crutches.
"Are you fucking kidding me? No. I got one month left, give me a fucking break dude."

Is there anything else I want to say?... hmm.. I booked my flight home.. I haven't pooped since Friday... that coke in the fridge is still laughing in my face... Amit's a fag

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Japan 6 - Nick 7

Racism Lives!

Assholes might as well be offering grape soda with their pork sandwiches

Don't let the sneaky Japanese fool you. Racism is alive and well in this country.

Maybe not racism, but they definitely don't think twice to what they're saying..

Japanese: "Oh.. black face!"

I would say this sign is a pretty good example of that. Not sure if you find the term "Black Music" offensive or not, but I try to compare most of what I see to the states. I don't think you would find a cafe in the states with a sign of a black man singing "Black Music."

I've had many people mock the way I talk and laugh. It's a little annoying. I know I've mentioned this before but could you imagine turning to an Asian in America and mocking, "Ching chong gong gong piiiiiiiiiiiiiiing bong gong"?


Leg Update: Couldn't fucking sleep at all last night. The floor is fucking cold and my leg was throbbing. Totally didn't go to work today. Ha!

- Thanks to everyone that voted. That coca-cola is as good as mine! Plus who's gana take it from a cripple?..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Japan 7 - Nick 7

My Leg Is Fractured...

.. in two spots

For those that haven't been Facebook stalking me, I have a fractured my leg and ankle while playing judo.
How it happened exactly we're not sure of. I just remember me and my partner falling and my leg folding backwards. My knee and my ankle popped, luckily my knee is cool, but my ankle and leg aren't so cool.

The same night of me breaking my ankle I went to an Orthopedic. He examined my leg for a bit then he had two of my Senseis hold me down.

"Why are you guys holding me down?"

*Dr proceeds to yank, pull, and twist my broken ankle

"WWWHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAa AAAAAAAAAAAaa Wwhaht t thhee fucckckk1!!!! HAHAHAAH ohh my gododd!1 Why am I in this country!?!?! "

"Yokatta, I don't think it's broken."

Oh lord.
I had to go to work the next day. I only had one class, thank God. My day was spent staring at the wall. I couldn't get up to flirt with the nurses, or sleep in the library, my day was fucking terrible.

After work I went to a real hospital and got Xrays done. That's when I found out I had two small fractures. One in my leg and one in my ankle. Going to take about 4 weeks of me walking on crutches and a soft cast.

Pretty bummed out.

Everything here was based on me being mobile, riding a bike, walking to the station. Now I can't do shit. My schools don't have an elevator so my classes on the 4th and 3rd floors will probably be canceled.

I don't feel like working like this. I'm gana have to sit in a chair.
Taking a shit in my shoebox size bathroom sucks. I shower by laying down in the shower with one leg hanging out the door.

This is so fun.

On the brightside of things: I'm watching a bunch of 24, playing a lot of Guitar. A lot of my classes will be canceled. In fact on rainy days I probably won't go to school at all (I'm not fucking crutching 30 minutes in the rain to the station just to slip down stairs)!

Get this shit:

My Judo Sensei has been bringin breakfast lunch and dinner everyday since the accident. They've been taking me to the hospital and have been so sweet.

They treat me better then my god damn friends back in the states!! ( F U GUYS!) - Miss you guys

haha, Lord, I need to come home!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lick my balls

The slow and steady decline of Nicholas J Giunta

These are some bright orange tori gates gentleman.

There's no real story behind it, it's just pretty cool looking and I feed you assholes so many pictures of toilets and other senseless shit I thought you'd appreciate some 'real' Japan.

This is a real famous spot in Kyoto.

Kyoto is known for being real japan, the only problem I have with that is there is no real Japan. There are temples and tori gates but their surrounded by shopping malls and overpriced cafes. It's kind of a drag. I think a lot of people thought they were going to be coming to the set of 'The Last Samurai.' Wrong-o

But really, I'm happy it's there or else Japan would be JUST Shopping malls and overpriced Cafes. Lesson being, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Sorry the for the lack of updates, I've been jumping through all kinds of hoops lately for grad school, and leaving Japan. Gotta get a plane ticket, apartment taken care of, my cell phone, selling my shit etc. Lordie.

Oh, I'm also going to put a new Poll up. There's this Coca Cola sitting in my school's fridge for the past 3 months, just staring at me to take it. I don't know whose it is, but how long can something be left in the fridge before it's open to the public. I think I'm going to take it anyway, they don't give a shit about me.

How did this entry go from being about Kyoto to about a public refrigerator.
You assholes are going to miss this blog when it's gone!!1

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


No fancy shit here.

Sorry for the lack of posting as usual but this is what junkies would refer to as: coming down.

I'm pretty checked out mentally. Ready to start something new, see my family, friends (whats left of them), and eat some mexican food.

My lessons are getting worse and worse. I'm showing up for work late, or leaving early (I left around 11 today).
I think people are starting to notice (or maybe it's the slight case of schizophrenia I've developed here).

"Do you like Japan?"
"Yeah of course!"
".. rearry?.."
"You're right, I don't, fuck."

On a completely unrelated related topic.

I fucking ate whale tonight.


I went to my market and wanted to try a new fish
"Well well, what's this blood red slab? Look delicious!"
Take it home and realize it's taking a long time to cook...

I bite into it and blood goes where, it's as tough as steak.

I think it's whale.. I throw it away and eat a Banana.

Ask my friend later that night to read the packaging for me, and sure enough, Whale.
I've been feeling ill all night. Eating soup, drinking tea, took a long bath.

Congratulations God you've done me in quite well.