Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Japan 6 - Nick 7

Racism Lives!

Assholes might as well be offering grape soda with their pork sandwiches

Don't let the sneaky Japanese fool you. Racism is alive and well in this country.

Maybe not racism, but they definitely don't think twice to what they're saying..

Japanese: "Oh.. black face!"

I would say this sign is a pretty good example of that. Not sure if you find the term "Black Music" offensive or not, but I try to compare most of what I see to the states. I don't think you would find a cafe in the states with a sign of a black man singing "Black Music."

I've had many people mock the way I talk and laugh. It's a little annoying. I know I've mentioned this before but could you imagine turning to an Asian in America and mocking, "Ching chong gong gong piiiiiiiiiiiiiiing bong gong"?


Leg Update: Couldn't fucking sleep at all last night. The floor is fucking cold and my leg was throbbing. Totally didn't go to work today. Ha!

- Thanks to everyone that voted. That coca-cola is as good as mine! Plus who's gana take it from a cripple?..


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the piss taking. I have it all the time, even from kids I thought behaved with a bit of respect and decorum. Honestly, if I could speak Japanese, I'd pin them to the ground and tell them that if they ever went to an English cafe and if they could have a "cooora, fish-u an-do chips-u" they'd likely get seven shades of shit kicked out of them. It is one of the few things that the kids do that I find deeply offensive and utterly disrespectful.

    *ends rant, takes deep breath*

    Re: "black music"... I would say that term is ok, but only cuz I use it myself! Someone asked me the other day what kind of music I liked, and I replied "music made by black people". I think the problem here is the utter ignorance of their (sometimes backwards) views of other cultures. There was an incident during the World Cup last year (or whenever it was - don't care about football) when a bunch of Japanese blacked out their faces to pretend to be one of the African teams. They don't think there's anything wrong with that kind of behaviour. It's not that I think they mean ill, just that they are completely clueless about how to behave towards foreigners.

    BTW - voted in your new poll. You should definitely go - it shows respect to your Sensei and everyone else in the dojo who has worked hard for the grading.

  2. PS - Dude, your blog is PINK?!!

  3. ya the blog is pink... i'm trying to switch things up... i'm never satisfied.

  4. Why is the black dudes mic so small?