Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's All Over, It's All OVER!!!

Let me point a few things in this picture.
  1. On the far right is the Coke can that has been laughing at me for months. As I was leaving the office today for the last time, I said screw it dude. I grabbed that coke and put it in my bag and took off. Brought it home and drank it while surfing www.slickdeals.com (I hate you Amit)
  2. In the center is a pupcake/bear
  3. On the far right is a bouquet of flowers by my teachers after my exeptional going away speech to the staff. I told them they have filled my heart with a endless love and I am forever debt to them. Naw, actually I just said, "I will never forget you," in Japanese. Which probably sounded something like, "Iee ereee nebbaa foogiit yoo."

And now for something I'm very proud of:

This project took me the entire year.

Some of you know how hard the Japanese work and party. Well it often catches up to them, and they have no choice but to take a nap at work. And when this nap hits, I'm there to capture it on my cell phone. So without further adieu I give you an entire years worth of sleeping teachers on the job.

My Fav


So ya man, I did it. A year in a foreign country.
Came to this country without knowing any of the language, hardly any of the culture (Majority of my posts were about toilets for Christ's sake) and I survived in the countryside of Japan.

Okay asshole we know about your burning asshole, your lacking ability to get laid, and your obsession with your teachers, but what the fuck did you learn?

I learned a few things sir:
Iwasaki has had a boyfriend for four years.
I learned that you're never alone.
Kindness shouldn't be taken lightly, but should be shared.
Japanese food does not make me shit.
Japanese girls are crazy.
But White girls are crazier.
I love my friends.
I miss having a home.
Internet porn is evil.
Cooking is fun.
Culture is beyond words.
I'm excited to see all of you.



  1. I hope this blog keeps going in the states

  2. Nick,

    Those pictures of "Sleeping Sensei" are hilarious!!

    Well done bro. Have a great life.

    Scotto San